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Cornish Roots

Investing in trees with an established root system increases the rate of successful establishment - effectively fast-tracking your environmental ambitions.

In healthy, functioning, established trees, the ratio of ‘roots to shoots’ should be equal.


Our trees are containerised, & grown in Cornwall for a minimum of one year, developing strong fibrous root systems that are in proportionate balance to the branches & shoots. 

Simultaneously, our trees are given the opportunity to acclimatise to the rigours of the Cornish maritime climate, whilst growing in an optimum nursery environment.

In short, once planted, our trees are ‘good to grow’!


Sustainability     Award Winner 2023

We aim to avoid single-use plastics & eliminate plastic waste from our tree production.

We use oxo-degradable pots that are made from recycled and recyclable material.

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides in our tree production.

We only ever use peat-free, regulated growing media.


Our ability


Steve Evans is a professional arboriculturist & active environmentalist. 

Arbor Farm is the evolutionary output of a lifetime of practical working experience with, within & around trees.


During his career, Steve has witnessed tree planting practice & delivery remain largely unchanged.

He has now set out to challenge this & is focussed on making a positive, proactive difference.          

We are the first containerised tree nursery in Cornwall to achieve the Plant Healthy accreditation.

Cornish Roots Arbor Farm
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Arbor Farm Roots
Steve Evans Arbor Farm
Chartered Environmentalist
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